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November 23, 2010

Blades of Steel...ching!

Got the first set of Blades of Steel concepts.

Stephan - Vancouver
Stephan - New YorkFor both concepts, Stephan has used the coat of arms for the respective cities.

Just a couple of notes, try to keep the NHL logos off of the neck insert, tags, etc. Maybe the Reebok logos also, but that's not a big deal. Another point is to try and stay away from white jerseys. The idea is to use the two colours provided as the main colours and other colours as accent colours. It's all okay though, we'll be pretty loose on the guidelines this round.

Ryan - VancouverI used a basic V for the logo and the waves across the middle of the jersey are from the city flag. I also tried to use a vintage looking font.

Check out the Blades of Steel tab if you're interested in submitting a concept for this fun competition.

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