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Worst Jersey Set 2010-11

To start, I would like to thank Glen for keeping the blog going while I was away. Now I'm back and ready to post!

I left a poll as to who has the worst jerseys in the league right now. According to the poll, 40% of you think that the Anaheim Ducks have the worst jerseys in the league. Followed by the Panthers at 24%, Edmonton at 16%, and Nashville at 4%. Seeing as the majority think that Anaheim has the worst jerseys, they are in need of new sweaters. That's where you come in. You make a new home and road jersey for the Ducks. The jerseys aren't necessarily a crazy concept, just a home and road concept that you think would look good on the ice AND would sell well to Anaheim fans. You must use a Reebok Edge template, and follow NHL rules regarding jerseys. Such as, a coloured home jersey and a WHITE road jersey. Also, all jerseys must have names on the backs. We'll do 3rd jerseys later. Right now, just home and road. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, midnight.

As I posted before, my Pens Winter Classic concept was made into a Chinese knock off jersey. While I was on vacation the package came! Unfortunately, the dumbasses sent the Pens 3rd jersey. I contacted them and fixed the order so hopefully I will have photos in 2 weeks or so.

One of the worst jerseys in the league is the Oilers. Jack has done a good job here fixing their jerseys.
Edmonton Oilers conceptsWow, hey Edmonton, look how good a jersey looks when stripes go ALL the way around the arm!

Stephan sent in this Rangers concept
New York Rangers conceptOther than the logo (white square background) which I don't think was intended this jersey is a neat idea. It is based off of the short lived 1973 WHA team, New York Golden Blades. It's nice to see something besides hem stripes and armbands.

Finally, here is a concept I did just before I went away.
Boston Bruins conceptIt's a mixture of the current B's sweater and the classic version from the 70's Bobby Orr era.

That's what I got. Remember to send in your Ducks home and road sweaters to;
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Connor Hanley said...

any minute now glen should be raging at you for pretty much coppying his bruins rebrand; even though it has yet to be released lol.

Goal Line Design said...

i like the bruins one. the only thing is the black on the arms doesnt look quite right. maybe not as wide matching the bottom more?

Ryan said...

Oh yeah! Glen did email me about the Bruins jerseys. Funny thing is, he emailed me his B's jersey, but I just forgot I had it and made this concept. Ooops, sorry Glen.

Glen said...

It's okay, Ryan. THe funny thing is that after I sent you my B's concept, I changed it a bit (thanks for the advice on that one, Connor) It ended up looking MORE like the one that you posted... BEFORE you posted it!

Goal Line Design said...

will the rebrand be on hjc?

Glen said...

You bet! My Ducks concept will also be my entry into the ANA Design Contest, so I will reveal my first 3 (ANA, ATL, BOS) Shortly after that.

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