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Pre Vacation Concepts

This will be my last post for a week or so. I'll be on my honeymoon, but don't worry. Glen, a frequent concept contributor has offered to take over for the week. Hopefully, when I get back my inbox will be filled with concepts to post.

I leave you with the following concepts;

Philadelphia Flyers conceptThis one was an attempt to give the Flyers something different, with a small callback to the Quakers. All wheat jersey is something that we have yet to see in the NHL (except for the '04 All Star Game). The arms are the same thin arms that they have now, and the crest is a combo of a script such as the Quakers and the Flyers logo. The three stripes at the bottom of the sweater are also the same as the Quakers.

The All Star game is still four months away, but there has been a serious lack of buzz and speculation regarding the jerseys. That's probably because All Star jerseys have been so terrible lately. With the current trend being retro jerseys in the NHL, I came up with these concepts for the 2011 All Star game.
All Star jersey conceptAll Star jersey conceptThe simple crest is inspired by the All Star jerseys of the 50's. Obviously the striping on the Eastern jersey is 1920/30's inspired. The stars on the front are inspired by the jerseys of the 60's and 70's. With the new trend of coloured namebars, I didn't go as far as to put one on, but I did put a thick stitching on it. Finally, the patches on the Western jersey are inspired by the Canadiens of the mid 30's.

The last concept is a team set.
Edmonton Oilers conceptsTo me, the Oilers currently have the worst jerseys in the NHL. In the spirit of their "less is more" sweaters that they sport I came up with a couple of concepts that are way better than what they have. Yet are still very simple. These aren't great, but are definitely and improvement.

On the topic of bad jerseys I have started a new poll on the left side of the page. It asks you who has the worst jerseys in the NHL this season? Edmonton, Anaheim, Nashville, Florida or other. If you select "other" leave a comment on this post as to who you are selecting. We will do something with the results of this poll. The poll will run until Tuesday October 26.
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Glen Cuthbert said...

Dallas- The high-school look just doesn't fly.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa - they just all around suck.

Ryan's New Wife

Dylan said...

Ottawa-best, Florida(other than 3rd)-worst

NHL>NBA said...

The Panthers 3rd jersey is HORRIFIC!!!! They need to re do it and get the original RED jersey which everyone I know loves!

greyraven8 said...

just found your site today by accident.

the white all star jersey reminds me too much of chicoutimi's major junior team.

love the red all star jersey; far better than anything the nhl has used for most of their all star games (best one they had in my opinion was in 2004).

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