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Opening the Concepts Gates

I've got a lot of concepts in the concept vault so I'm going to open that up now and let them out.

Connor sent in a nice batch of concepts.
Detroit Red Wings conceptI'm a fan of everything here except for the gray stripes in the white. I do love the numbers in the armbands. I find that is a trend that went out with the 80's. I wish some would bring it back.
San Jose Sharks conceptThis is a great place to use the Shark fin logo! The jersey itself is a little plain for my tastes, but I can see how people would like this.
Minnesota Wild conceptsThese look like they are based on the old North Stars jerseys, which I love. This is a good job of taking the North Stars sweaters on making them look like Wild sweaters!

Jack sent in this a long time ago and I never got around to posting it, until now.
Carolina Hurricanes conceptsI like the white on the home sweater. I like how it makes the flag squares on the arms stand out.

Stephan sent in a really neat and different Sabres concept
Buffalo Sabres conceptI like that the Sabres act as the vertical piping. That makes sense as opposed to the piping to nowhere that they have now. I also think that the yellow outline on the namebar is a good alternative to a coloured namebar.

Trevor threw his concept into the mix of Blue Jackets 3rd predictions.
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptsI'll give you Trevor's explanation of his creations...

I tried to keep it close to the CBJ template because I know how some teams like to keep a specific style for their jerseys. I chose the three red stripes on the sleeves and bottom to represent the flag of Ohio and I chose the cannon in the middle over a red circle outlined by white also for the Ohio flag. Also you will see I added the flag from their 10th Anniversary logo and the old script text the team use to use. I went back to the old CBJ 3rd with the three stars on the sleeves and the double logo shoulder patches. The font and colors of the letters would match the home.
To finish off a nice long post we have Brian who sent in his Penguins Winter Classic concept.
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptI love this. I think it looks great. Nice combination of 60's and 80's. I read somewhere today that the Penguins may in fact use this style numbering as they did in 1967-68.

That's all. The vault is empty. Please start sending your concepts again. Also, I'm looking for more entries into the worst jerseys of the 1970's tournament.

Send it all to;
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Glen Cuthbert said...

Didn't I send you my Rangers' third concept?

Ryan said...

Posted a while ago...

Glen Cuthbert said...

No, I made a newer one... maybe I didn't send it to you.

(it had Lady Liberty on the front)

Goal Line Design said...

awesome work on that last pens jersey!!

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