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Lady Liberty goes Wild

With the Rangers releasing a third jersey this year, people were hoping that Lady Liberty would be making her glorious return to the front of the Rangers jerseys. Sadly, it appears that she won't. However, I decided to put together a concept combining what the Rangers will use, but featuring the lovely Lady on the front:

This next concept is actually a remake of one my first first ever concepts. I took Minnesota's current third, and removed the baseball script. In its place, I left the M from that same wordmark. The current primary logo has been placed on the shoulders:

Later this week, I will preview my upcoming NHL Rebrand Series. This next week is Reading Week, so it means lots of extra time for concepts!


Lady Liberty goes Wild Reviewed by Glen Cuthbert on October 21, 2010 Rating: 5


Goal Line Design said...

reading week?

Glen Cuthbert said...

College... we get the week after mid-terms off.

Goal Line Design said...

ahhh lucky. ima high school freshman, first midterms coming up this week...yikes

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