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I'll start with the concepts.

Jack sent in this Leafs set and in honour of them opening the season with a win, I'm posting it.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptsI love that '67 logo that Jack uses as a shoulder patch, but not as a shoulder patch. I love the striping on these jerseys, but not the white shoulders on the blue sweater.

Buffalo Sabres conceptsHis next set is for the Sabres. Jack has removed the gray from the jersey and also the piping. He has replaced it with white. He also uses the old Buffaslug font and brings back the B and sword logo as a shoulder patch. A lot of people seem to be a fan of this logo, but I am not one of them.

Again, in honour of the Leafs winning the season opener I will now post concept of last night's victims.
Montreal Canadiens conceptBrian sent this one in. The only thing wrong is that Brian is a Habs fan! I've discussed previously how I dislike "circle logos" just to get that vintage feel. Other than that I really like the striping and the use of the fleur de lys as the shoulder patch.

Not to steal any thunder, but I would also be a fan if the Habs wore this again.
Montreal Canadiens concept
In other news, the Canucks have purchased the trademarks of the old Vancouver Millionaires. What this says to me is that the Heritage Classic will most likely be in Vancouver next season. My theory on opponent is it will be the Oilers if they become the fast and exciting young team everyone thinks they will be. Next in line is the Leafs, just because they are the Leafs and have so much history. However the Sens can trump both of those teams if they win the Cup this year (Lets hope not!)

Finally, the Kings released their retro purple sweaters!
They look great! Too bad they didn't do the same as the Canucks and go without a nameplate.

The worst jerseys of the 70's collages have really slowed down. I have only posted 2 and only have 1 more to post. If I don't get more, we might move on to something else. If you have a collage send it to;
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Glen said...

RYAN!!! You're killing my rebrand one post at a time. GET YOUR SPYWARE OFF MY COMPUTER!!! (That MTL jersey is a page outta my books)

Anonymous said...

The Kings did go "sans" nameplate. Go see pics of the game at icethetics.

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