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October 25, 2010

Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Ugly

Today's concepts feature two of the most reviled logos in hockey. No, I don't have a Buffa-Slug concept for you, but I do have a Sabres concept.

The Sabres underwent the biggest redesign in franchise history in 1996, when they ditched the blue, gold, and circle logo for black, red, and the infamous "Goat-head." I got to thinking, "What if the Sabres hadn't changed colours, but had just changed the logo?" The result was this:

The next concept is my most recent jersey acquisition. When the Columbus Blue Jackets came into the league in 2000, they were set to wear jerseys with Stinger, their mascot on them. Their GM, Doug Maclean, nixed the idea. This is a rendering of a real jersey that I just bought. Perhaps they would have looked something like this:

Next post I will be previewing my upcoming rebrand series.


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