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Concepts..Boring Title, I know!

With the current trend in the NHL being retro and "fauxback" jerseys, I came up with this Coyotes concept.
Phoenix Coyotes conceptI made this one back at the end of August and just forgot to post it. I liked it then, I'm not sure I like it now. The numbers seemed different in a good way a couple of months ago. Now I think they look out of place. And here I am preaching that the namebar trend should stick to Philly and I go ahead and use it on a Phoenix jersey!

Jack made these next two concepts
Detroit Red Wings conceptsHe's taken the tick stripes that the sweaters normally employ and has changed it to two thin stripes. He's also added a number on the front. Not a bad jersey...for any team BUT Detroit in my opinion.

Minnesota Wild conceptsNext, Jack has mod'ed the Wild's road sweater and created a new red one. I like the green numbers on that white jersey. Some say the current home sweater is a Christmas sweater, I don't personally see that. However, that is what I think when I see this red jersey.

To finish off...
Carolina Hurricanes conceptThis is based off of the old Whalers jersey. When the Canes first brought out their current 3rd's I wasn't too hot on the gray shoulder patches. Two years later and I like them so I included them on this concept.

I didn't receive any more entries for the worst jerseys on the 70's. So I think I'm going to put that to rest. It's too bad, I thought these tournaments could have been cool. It was probably my two week absence that contributed to the lack of interest. If anyone has any ideas, send it in and maybe it will catch on.

On a happier note, I couldn't help myself and I ordered one of my knockoff Penguins jerseys for $50. When I receive it I will post pics here.

Coming up on Friday I will be getting married. Then next week I will be leaving for a honeymoon, so HJC will be on a little break...again. When I get back hopefully I can dig my heels in and get this site back to where it was a month or so ago. Thanks to those of you that stuck around, and please continue to stick around.
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Lenny Ruben said...

Congrats on the marriage. Can't wait 'til you get back.

NHL>NBA said...

I can't stress enough that the Carolina "Hurricanes" As they like to call themselves are waaay offf The real flag for a Hurrican is 2 Flags. The one flag is a storm warning.

As the NOAA proves it.


So if I had a chance to talk to or contact the designer of the jersey I'd show the proof. Plus its North Carolina they hould know better!!!!!!!!!

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