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Chinese Knock Offs of MY CONCEPT!!!!

WOW! This one blew me away. A while ago I did a simple concept of what I thought the Penguins Winter Classic jersey might look like. I drew it with no information at all, except for the knowledge of the logo they were using, but we all knew the logo anyways. First, here's the concept.
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptHere is the original post.

Now we all have different feelings about fake jerseys, but over at DHGate.com, some sellers have taken my concept and actually MADE jerseys and are selling them as Winter Classic jerseys!
DHGate.com knockoff jerseysGo buy MY jersey here!

Sure I have dreamed off having my concepts made into actual jerseys, but I never dreamed that Chinese online retailers would steal my concept and try to sell it as an actual jersey.

I'm so blown away, I don't know what else to write!
Chinese Knock Offs of MY CONCEPT!!!! Reviewed by Ryan on October 11, 2010 Rating: 5


Goal Line Design said...

thats awesome! haha did u get one?

ps chris @ icethetics had a story on this jersey like last week...


he thought they were photoshoped but pretty cool!

Glen Cuthbert said...

It's cool as long as it doesn't get into Mike Ivall territory.

Visage said...

Thar is totally awesome that they made your jersey. Did they ask you to use your idea, or just use it and do you have any idea if they do custom jerseys cause i would love to have an idea of mine or 2 made into the real thing seeing as how everyone else costs an arm and a leg to do custom work.

Ryan said...

No, they just stole my concept and have made up jerseys. I think they think that it is the actual Winter Classic sweater.

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