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October 30, 2010

Anaheim Ducks jerseys

Here are the first two entries into the Anaheim Ducks new jersey contest.

The first comes from Jack.
Anaheim Ducks conceptJack seems to like the current look of the Ducks but with less gold and more orange. I would have to agree with him on the colours. As I think we might see with many entries, Jack has used the "D" logo to replace the Ducks wordmark.

Next is Brian's entry.
Anaheim Ducks conceptBrian likes the new alternate enough to promote it to home jersey. He's also made a very sharp looking road white to match. Even though I'm not a fan of the upcoming 3rd jersey it does look 10x better than what they wear now. Which is why the jersey finished last in the recent poll.

Send in your Ducks home and road jerseys to:


Goal Line Design said...

wow brians is way better than mine. could i submit more than one?

Glen said...

Mine is IN!

Ryan said...

Submit as many as you want.

Brian said...

So are we going to be voting for the best Anaheim concept, once there are enough submissions?

Glen said...

Mine is in... just hasn't been posted yet.