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September Concepts

I know, the title of this post is really boring, but these concepts having nothing in common.

Also, I apologize if the posts slow down over the next two weeks to a month. I'm in the process of moving and getting married.

I'll start with an Islanders concept I did up.
New York Islanders conceptIt's their former navy blue, but also uses the retro wheat colour that is becoming very popular with 3rd jerseys and Winter Classic fauxbacks. To keep with the retro theme, the numbers are placed in the arm stripe rather than higher up. Their current logo, in navy blue, is on the shoulders.

Connor sent in a Devils concept.
New Jersey Devils conceptIf the Devils ever did decide to use an alternate (not likely) this would be great. It's slightly modeled after the Buffaslug jersey yet, it makes sense because I see the red being devil horns.

Jack (GLD) sent in a couple more concepts. He re-did the Penguins jerseys.
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptsHe returned them to their pre-Edge look except for on the home sweater. On the home he has used more gold than white.

Jack also re-did the Oilers set, which I think is one of the worst jerseys in the NHL right now.
Edmonton Oilers conceptsI like these as they correct the mistakes of the current set, but I would personally like to see bigger stripes on the arms.

Speaking of bad jerseys, that is what the next jersey tournament will be about. More specifically the worst jerseys of the 70's! That's right, and seeing as the WHA was around during the 70's they may be included in your collages. Go over to WHAUniforms.com and NHLUniforms.com and make up your collages then send them to me. The jerseys in the tournament will be decided just like the last one, the 8 with the most votes get in. Remember it's the WORST jerseys of the 70's.

Send your collages to;
* make sure to note on the collage that the images are from NHLUniforms.com
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