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September 6, 2010

Round 2 - All Time Jersey Tournament

The first round of the All Time Favourite Jersey tournament is done.

The final scores were:

CLM 14

MIN 16

WSH 11
woo hoo!

and in the closest poll of Round 1...
NYR 10
LA 8

So, the second round looks as follows;
1) Columbus vs 4) New York Rangers
2) Minnesota vs 3) Washington

Now it's getting very interesting. The polls will be open on the side of the page until Thursday evening.


Glen said...

Why does it have to be CBJ vs. NYR!?!?!? I can't vote on that one, I love them all too much!

I think I am the only person to have all 5 of those jerseys in my collage

Glen said...

Lady Liberty is the only thing that those Rangers jerseys have going for them... gotta go CBJ... MIN too

Anonymous said...

Rangers jersey is classic and should win!