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New York State concepts

Of course with the jersey tournament going on, the concept art started to pile up. I am now going to try and chip away at that pile. Hopefully after I've brought it down you guys will pile it back up. Especially you first timers, lets see some concepts! If you don't know how, click the "Tutorial" link on the left side of the page.

Tonight's lead-off hitter is Jack from Goal Line Design. He sent in what he would've preferred the Sabres to do with their new 3rd sweater.
Buffalo Sabres conceptThe only issue I might have with this one is there may be too much white and not enough gold. Except on that nameplate, that jersey trend should be left to the Flyers.

Jack also sent in a new Rangers set
New York Rangers jersey conceptsI like that white jersey! He has also given us a little bit of a retro feel here with these jerseys. As many people had hoped for, Jack has supplied the return of Lady Liberty.

When Glen read the description of the Rangers 3rd on Icethetics, he sent in this concept.
New York Rangers conceptObviously, that's Buffalo's New York script on the front, but I don't see why the striping might not be spot on. I've come to expect good things from the Rangers 3rd, lets hope it doesn't disappoint.

Islanders fan Jonathan sent in these two Isles concepts.
New York Islanders conceptNew York Islanders conceptI really love the orange version. It looks classic while still using the opportunity to be different with the orange. Again, my thoughts on the name plate apply to this concept as well. As for the gray sweater, I've always wanted to see a gray sweater in the NHL, but I don't think this was it. I just don't see gray fitting in with the Islanders' current look.

That's it for now.
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1 comment:

Goal Line Design said...

I agree, leave the name-plate for the flyers. I only used it knowing they are for their new alts. Doesn't look bad on that orange islanders one tho...

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