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2010/11 3rd Jersey Concepts

Of course with Icethetics releasing descriptions of upcoming 3rd jerseys, there will be concepts.

Lets start with Brian, who took a shot at the Ducks new 3rd.
Anaheim Ducks new 3rd jersey concept
In my opinion, if the Ducks do release something like this it may be one of the worst jerseys in the league right now. It's hard to understand from just a description, but this jersey sounds like it will be a mish-mash of a bunch of different ideas not put together very well.

Brian also took a crack at the Sabres anniversary jersey
Buffalo Sabres anniversary jersey concept
This one looks pretty good. I'm still not sold on that yellow name bar. I hope Pominvelle has a good year this year. Him and Jason Pominville have always been arch nemesis..because of the last name and everything.

I took a shot at the New York Rangers third
New York Rangers 3rd jersey concept
When I read the description I thought it was going to be quite boring, but as I built the concept I could start to see where this jersey could be headed. I like the vintage white, they didn't use it too much, but enough that you get the "fauxback" feel. I hope the New York script is better than mine. Also, I had no clue what style numbers they will wear.

Finally, on the CCSLC forums, someone has claimed to already have a copy of NHL 11 and seen the new Sabres road sweater.
New Buffalo Sabres road jersey?We'll have to see about this one. The user doesn't want to share how they got the game as it doesn't get released until Tuesday. Click here to see the post.
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Glen Cuthbert said...


Sabres leak is FAKE! Found this on Youtube.

5:48 starts the Sabres preview. Both Away and Third are still locked.

Glen said...

The guy claims that he got the code to unlock them, but I'm not convinced...

Dylan said...

Dreadfully unconvinced especially since ea does not leak the code until the new 3rds have been worn

Glen said...

Someone on CCSLC has the game and tried the code that the guy said he used... it didn't work.

Chris said...

Fake!!! the piping is silver not black. There are silver armpits and the horizontal lines on the waist go gold blue gold not blue gold blue. SO FAKE!!

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