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September 20, 2010

Worst of the 70's

Our next entry of the Worst Jersey of the 70's Tournament is from myself.I want to like that yellow Seals jersey, but I just can't. The purple version of the Kings jersey I love, but they yellow with the yellow pants was terrible. The Rangers just didn't even try. The Nordiques looks like a boys pajama top you would find one's mom buying at Wal-Mart because it's $5.

If you want to submit your collage of worst jerseys of the 70's, submit it to;

*I move this week, so please excuse me if there is a lack of posts in coming week or two.

September 18, 2010

Sabres "Unveil" The New Jerseys

The Buffalo Sabres showed off their new jerseys this morning. Here are some screen caps from the event.
No numbers on the front of the 3rd jersey. Here's a look at the back.
Tim ConnollyThis was the best shot that provided.And here is a quick full body mock-up I have done.

Rangers 3rd Jersey Leak?

While browsing the forums at CCSLC I came across this photo
New York Rangers 3rd jersey (possible)That's Sean Avery who is modelling, by Icethetics description, the new Rangers 3rd jersey! Photo comes from

I like it! Nice, clean, and simple. Great "fauxback"! We can't tell if the numbers are the typical drop shadow numbers the Rangers usually have. There appears to be a patch on the right shoulder. My guess is some form of an 85th anniversary patch. A dumb anniversary to be celebrating.

To no one's surprise, the Flyers showed off their new road jersey and it's the Winter Classic jersey.
Philadelphia Flyers road jerseyThe only differences are the lack of WC patch and just like back in the 70's, the captain's C's and A's are white. Nice touch.
That is all for now.

Worst Jerseys of the 70's

The first collage in the Worst of the 1970's comes from Brian.
Wow, what a surprise to see Vancouver's V sweaters on here... haha! I think we might have an early favourite to take it all this tournament.

I personally like that Los Angeles Sharks jersey and the Oilers jersey. However, I do agree with the Chicago Cougars being there and the Phoenix Roadrunners.

Also, surprised to see the Red Wings jersey on here? Granted, the logo is not centred traditionally and the font is an odd choice.

Thanks for submitting this Brian.
If you want to create your 1970's worst jersey collage, go to and Then send them in to;

September 16, 2010

September Concepts

I know, the title of this post is really boring, but these concepts having nothing in common.

Also, I apologize if the posts slow down over the next two weeks to a month. I'm in the process of moving and getting married.

I'll start with an Islanders concept I did up.
New York Islanders conceptIt's their former navy blue, but also uses the retro wheat colour that is becoming very popular with 3rd jerseys and Winter Classic fauxbacks. To keep with the retro theme, the numbers are placed in the arm stripe rather than higher up. Their current logo, in navy blue, is on the shoulders.

Connor sent in a Devils concept.
New Jersey Devils conceptIf the Devils ever did decide to use an alternate (not likely) this would be great. It's slightly modeled after the Buffaslug jersey yet, it makes sense because I see the red being devil horns.

Jack (GLD) sent in a couple more concepts. He re-did the Penguins jerseys.
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptsHe returned them to their pre-Edge look except for on the home sweater. On the home he has used more gold than white.

Jack also re-did the Oilers set, which I think is one of the worst jerseys in the NHL right now.
Edmonton Oilers conceptsI like these as they correct the mistakes of the current set, but I would personally like to see bigger stripes on the arms.

Speaking of bad jerseys, that is what the next jersey tournament will be about. More specifically the worst jerseys of the 70's! That's right, and seeing as the WHA was around during the 70's they may be included in your collages. Go over to and and make up your collages then send them to me. The jerseys in the tournament will be decided just like the last one, the 8 with the most votes get in. Remember it's the WORST jerseys of the 70's.

Send your collages to;
* make sure to note on the collage that the images are from

September 13, 2010

New York State concepts

Of course with the jersey tournament going on, the concept art started to pile up. I am now going to try and chip away at that pile. Hopefully after I've brought it down you guys will pile it back up. Especially you first timers, lets see some concepts! If you don't know how, click the "Tutorial" link on the left side of the page.

Tonight's lead-off hitter is Jack from Goal Line Design. He sent in what he would've preferred the Sabres to do with their new 3rd sweater.
Buffalo Sabres conceptThe only issue I might have with this one is there may be too much white and not enough gold. Except on that nameplate, that jersey trend should be left to the Flyers.

Jack also sent in a new Rangers set
New York Rangers jersey conceptsI like that white jersey! He has also given us a little bit of a retro feel here with these jerseys. As many people had hoped for, Jack has supplied the return of Lady Liberty.

When Glen read the description of the Rangers 3rd on Icethetics, he sent in this concept.
New York Rangers conceptObviously, that's Buffalo's New York script on the front, but I don't see why the striping might not be spot on. I've come to expect good things from the Rangers 3rd, lets hope it doesn't disappoint.

Islanders fan Jonathan sent in these two Isles concepts.
New York Islanders conceptNew York Islanders conceptI really love the orange version. It looks classic while still using the opportunity to be different with the orange. Again, my thoughts on the name plate apply to this concept as well. As for the gray sweater, I've always wanted to see a gray sweater in the NHL, but I don't think this was it. I just don't see gray fitting in with the Islanders' current look.

That's it for now.

All Time Favourite Jersey Tournament Champion

The tournament is over and the champion has been crowned.

Living up to the love across the internet for this jersey, the New York Rangers "Lady Liberty" defeated the Washington Capitals red Edge jersey by a final vote count of 15-11.

The Rangers took the early lead, but then the Caps came back and took a lead of their own over the weekend, but the love for "Lady Liberty" was too much and New York reclaimed their lead and the title of HJC's All Time Favourite Jersey.
Tournament ChampionAmazing that an RBK Edge jersey that doesn't have traditional striping, and uses a wordmark as a logo, was able to make it to the final and not get blown away! Good for the Caps.

Thanks to everyone who voted and participated. We'll do more of these things in the future. I'll announce the next collage/tournament later this week.

September 10, 2010

Finals - All Time Jersey Tournament

The 2nd round is complete in the All Time Favourite Jersey Tournament and it was upset central. Both of the top two seeds were knocked out. Also, who would have guessed it? A RBK Edge jersey in the finals! Here are the scores from the semis;

CLM 12
NYR 15

MIN 11
WSH 13

This round was much closer than last.

So, the final shakes out as follows...

3) Washington Capitals (2007 - present) vs 4) New York Rangers (1996-2007)
Voting starts today, Friday and goes until Monday at noon.

September 8, 2010

New Sabres Jerseys

Finally, we have a jersey leak! For me, this off-season has been quite lack luster for some good exciting new sweater news.

Lets take a look at the leaked images.
Buffalo Sabres new road jerseyBuffalo Sabres new 3rd jerseyThanks to Glen who emailed me right away to let me know that the images had leaked.
The third jersey is good. I hope they only keep it as an anniversary jersey though. Maybe next season they can replace that killer script with the anniversary logo minus the 1970? Something like this...
Buffalo Sabres conceptIt appears as if Brian knew something that no one else did when he sent in his Sabres alternate concept
Buffalo Sabres conceptPractically spot on! Maybe Brian lives in Buffalo and is a sporting goods retailer there? Maybe Brian has a crappy cell phone and takes grainy photos and leaks them on the internet? Probably not.

As far as the new road sweater, it's not my favourite. The silver striping on the sleeves and hem work well on the home jersey, but on this white jersey it seems to hide the great shade of navy blue that they use. This may be a jersey that looks good in a concept, but doesn't translate to the real thing.
Buffalo Sabres new road jersey conceptAlso, I wanted to post this a while ago and then forgot about it. Might this be what the Capitals look like on New Year's Day?
Washington Capitals retro jerseyThis is from last season when the Caps honoured Mike Gartner.

September 6, 2010

Round 2 - All Time Jersey Tournament

The first round of the All Time Favourite Jersey tournament is done.

The final scores were:

CLM 14

MIN 16

WSH 11
woo hoo!

and in the closest poll of Round 1...
NYR 10
LA 8

So, the second round looks as follows;
1) Columbus vs 4) New York Rangers
2) Minnesota vs 3) Washington

Now it's getting very interesting. The polls will be open on the side of the page until Thursday evening.

September 5, 2010

2010/11 3rd Jersey Concepts

Of course with Icethetics releasing descriptions of upcoming 3rd jerseys, there will be concepts.

Lets start with Brian, who took a shot at the Ducks new 3rd.
Anaheim Ducks new 3rd jersey concept
In my opinion, if the Ducks do release something like this it may be one of the worst jerseys in the league right now. It's hard to understand from just a description, but this jersey sounds like it will be a mish-mash of a bunch of different ideas not put together very well.

Brian also took a crack at the Sabres anniversary jersey
Buffalo Sabres anniversary jersey concept
This one looks pretty good. I'm still not sold on that yellow name bar. I hope Pominvelle has a good year this year. Him and Jason Pominville have always been arch nemesis..because of the last name and everything.

I took a shot at the New York Rangers third
New York Rangers 3rd jersey concept
When I read the description I thought it was going to be quite boring, but as I built the concept I could start to see where this jersey could be headed. I like the vintage white, they didn't use it too much, but enough that you get the "fauxback" feel. I hope the New York script is better than mine. Also, I had no clue what style numbers they will wear.

Finally, on the CCSLC forums, someone has claimed to already have a copy of NHL 11 and seen the new Sabres road sweater.
New Buffalo Sabres road jersey?We'll have to see about this one. The user doesn't want to share how they got the game as it doesn't get released until Tuesday. Click here to see the post.

September 4, 2010

All Time Jersey Tournament

Polls have closed for the first round. No upsets as far as seeding goes. However, I was worried that the lousy Habs would take down the Caps. Thankfully not. I will start Round 2 either Monday or Tuesday. Definately not tomorrow as I will be heading out to the Hockey Hall of Fame! Thanks for voting!

September 2, 2010

Neglected Concepts

With the All Time Jersey posts and tourney going on, the concept posts have been neglected for the past week or so here.

That's not the case today! I'm going to dive right into it.

Jack of Goal Line Design fame with his Wild concept
Minnesota Wild conceptI think I read something that said the Wild are retiring this wordmark this season. We'll have to wait and see. I like this idea, namely the classic simplicity. Yet, I do not like the shade of green or the wordmark as the crest.

Jack also sent in one of the best Thrashers sets I've seen to date!
Atlanta Thrashers conceptThink about how popular these sweaters would be! And they're all consistent! It proves that you can still be modern while following the classic hockey sweater rules.

Brian wanted to re-tool the Ducks
Anaheim Ducks conceptHere is his first entry based on the mid-2000's alternate colours. I'm a fan of this one, except for the triangle shoulder yokes. For his second Ducks concept, he recoloured and changed the logo.
Anaheim Ducks conceptI prefer the colours from this one and the logo from the first one.

To finish off I did up a concept of Buffalo's upcoming 40th anniversary sweater based on Icethetics suggestions.
Buffalo Sabres conceptI'm not a fan of the yellow name bar, but apparently it will be there. I would prefer a vintage white if it has to be applied.