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With the Ducks confirming the release date of their new 3rd jerseys recently, I decided to post a concept. Not necessarily what I think it will look like.
Anaheim Ducks conceptIt plays on the alternate from 03-05. Simple arm stripes but with the Reebok Edge curving. Also, I always love when sleeve numbers are IN the arm stripes, so I did that here too.

The rest of this post belongs to Jack of Goal Line Design. Make sure to go check out his blog. From what I've seen, he updates everyday...sometimes twice.

His first concept is a little switch to the Kings alternate.
Los Angeles Kings conceptHe's downsized the amount of white on the sweater and up sized the silver. I still prefer the current 3rd, but this would be acceptable as well.

Next Jack sent in an awesome Thrashers concept.
Atlanta Thrashers conceptI love this jersey! This is a hundred times better than any of the three jerseys that they have now. It still has a slightly classic feel yet is not straight forward striping. The simplification of the colours is fantastic! Maybe there might be a white concept that we can see later?

That's all for now. Got a busy weekend filled with working, but hopefully I can get another post up.
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Goal Line Design said...

I LOVE THAT DUCKS JERSEY! the only thing i would change would be the placing of the numbers on the sleeves. Other than that..amazing!

Glen Cuthbert said...

HJC is turning into the G&G (Glen and Goal-Line) show!

The reason there has been next to nothing from me lately is that I'm in the midst of a full-NHL rebrand, and just spent 2 weeks on vacation, as well as prepping for my first year of college in the fall.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some stuff to Ryan soon.

Goal Line Design said...

i take back my sleeve number concept...i keep looking at it and love it even more. Doesn't get any better. i cant stop coming back to look at it! awesome work

Goal Line Design said...
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