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Sharks, Thrashers and Blue Jackets Concepts

It's great to see my inbox piling up with jersey concepts. Keep 'em comin!

Today I'll start with a Columbus Blue Jackets concept sent in by Tex.
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptI like the inclusion of gray in the sweater. There's not enough gray used properly in the NHL but, I think it might be better used on the sleeves rather than the shoulders. Also, because they are called the BLUE Jackets, I don't think they would wear a red jersey. What do you think? Comment at the bottom.

Next, Jack has redone the jersey set for the San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks conceptsI really like those alternates! That's a big improvement on what they wear now. I personally enjoy the small amount of orange that they currently use on their home and aways however, I do know that some also do not. You? Pro or anti orange?

To conclude, Brian submitted this Thrashers concept.
Atlanta Thrashers conceptI really like the striping pattern. It feels very 70's retro! I've never been too crazy about Atlanta's home sweater so I think this would be a step in the proper direction.

As always feel free to comment at the bottom of this post. Let these jersey designers know what you think about their concepts.

And send in your concepts. You can find the address to send them to at the top right of the page!
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