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Penguins and Leafs

With the Winter Classic upcoming, I expect to get a lot of concepts for the Caps and Penguins. This weekend lived up to my expectations.

First time contributor, Tex, sent in these Penguins concepts
Pittsburgh Penguins concept
Pittsburgh Penguins concept
I have never been a big fan of the generic two stripe elbow template that Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Tex have used here. However, I wouldn't mind seeing "Robo-Penguin" from the mid 90's return in some fashion.

Jack, from Goal Line Design sent in these vintage Leaf jerseys.
Toronto Maple Leafs concept
Toronto Maple Leafs concept
If the Leafs really do plan on changing the alternate jersey for the 2011-12 season my vote goes to either of these. Seeing the Vintage patch on the chest also reminds me that I am fully for the return of the Vintage jersey program from the 04-05 season.

Finally, Brent sent in his Penguins Winter Classic concept.
Pittsburgh Penguins concept
He did a great job of combining vegas gold and the Pens darker blue from the 3rd jersey. This jersey again leads us to the question, will the jerseys be a true throwback or a vintage mash-up?

Please leave your comments and email any concepts you have to HJC!
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