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August 11, 2010

Non-traditonal Hockey Markets Concepts

Love all the concepts that are trickling in. If you want to submit a concept and don't know where to start, click on the link for CREATE A JERSEY TUTORIAL on the left.

Tex sent in a batch of concepts recently. Included was this one for the Kings.
Los Angeles Kings conceptI like the black and purple colour combo for the Kings, always have. Again, not too sure on the gray shoulders. A note for people using Paint or (or something similar). Take a look at the collar on this concept. There are a couple of white pixels. These are very easy to miss when doing your concept. Check around corners and other lines to make sure that you do get those "renegade pixels".

Jack of GLD, sent in this Coyotes concept
Phoenix Coyotes conceptI love that alternate sweater! Maybe a bit too close to the Blackhawks, but I think Phoenix's colour lend themselves well to vintage looking jerseys. I also like the road whites. That shoulder yolke really sells me. On the other hand it loses me on the home sweater.

I wanted to do a concept that was really crazy. I might have gotten a little too crazy...
Atlanta Thrashers conceptWhat do you think? Too crazy? It's based off of the shoulder patch on their current 3rds.

That's all for now.

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