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More Favourite Jerseys

I was sent in more All Time Favourite jerseys for the series and I will post a couple today.

The first comes from BrianTwo jerseys of note are the Bruins "Winnie the Pooh" jersey and the old Coyotes third. I personally don't mind that yellow B's sweater, but good thing that 'Yotes 3rd didn't last long. Also, Columbus' old 3rd jersey makes and appearance again!

The second collage comes from Joshua.Again we see the Pooh-bear Bruins' jersey! But really, Josh likes the old Tampa alternate?!?! Well, that's the one of a million people that you hear about! Haha, just joking. It's really cool to see what everyone likes.

Whenever this series wraps up, I'll put together some final thoughts. We'll see which jerseys were most popular and which didn't even show up on the radar.

If you want to send in your favourite all-time jersey collage, go over to NHLUniforms.com and put one together. Then email to me at

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Glen Cuthbert said...

Notice that Josh used both the pre-Edge AND Edge jerseys of Calgary's red-with-black C jersey. Interesting.

Dylan said...

Like the old Sens and Oilers thirds! And the Old Canucks white jersey. I love the Canucks Orca logo but with going back to their original colors it just doesn't work that well. On the other note I know I haven't commented lately been a lil busy but I really enjoy ur post about how to start making concepts so maybe I'll start soon.

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