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HJC's All Time Jersey Tournament

That's right, I've decided to go ahead with the All Time Jersey Tournament based on the collages that were sent in. This may be a little too ambitious, but only time will tell.

More about the tournament in a bit. First, some stats about all of the submissions.

Leading the way with 7 selections each were Minnesota and Montreal
6 selections for: Los Angeles, Phoenix, St Louis, and All Star jerseys
5 selections for: Boston, Calgary, Columbus, Edmonton, Rangers, Toronto, and Washington
4 selectiong for: Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Jose, and the Whalers!
3 selections for: Colorado, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Vancouver and the North Stars!
2 selections for: Atlanta, Carolina, Dallas, Detroit, Nashville, Islanders, and Philly.
1 selection for: Florida, New Jersey, Cleveland, and Hamilton.

Where were the Detroit selections? And I also thought that the Flyers would be a little more popular?

Phoenix and LA near the top? Amazing!

Now on to the tournament!

I took the top 8 individual jersey selections...sort of. Some entries are a combination of Edge and pre-Edge jerseys. In the case of Montreal, they haven't changed much, but they have a conglomorate entry of 3 jerseys. You'll see and some of you may even disagree with my "combos", but there's no going back now!

With the 8th seed in the tournament...

The Calgary Flames (2003-present) - 3 selectionsI know some think that there is a major difference between these jerseys, obviously I'm not one of those people. I don't think the #1 seed is going to have much trouble with this jersey though.

7th: Phoenix Coyotes (2003-present) - 3 selectionsSome hem stripes, big deal! I personally chose the sweater without them.

6th: Montreal Canadiens (Dawn of time - present) - 3 selectionsYeah, they received 3 selections, but 3 different styles of the same jersey. Even though I loathe the Habs, I didn't want to be too biased. Thus, I entered them in the 6th seed with their massive sweater conglomerate.

5th: Los Angeles Kings (2008-present) - 3 selectionsThis jersey is ranked higher than the previous three because all three of its selections were for this particular style/cut/logo. I love this jersey but, I personally chose the Gretzky era design. Does a jersey with no hem stripes and no supporting sweater have a chance?

4th: New York Rangers (1996-2007) - 4 selectionsAnother duo of jerseys. Some may question me on this because they are different colours. However, they are the same design and logo and do keep the same colour scheme.

3rd: Washington Capitals (2007-present) - 4 selectionsWow, an RBK Edge jersey, that has non-typical hem striping and that doesn't follow any of the conventional jersey "rules" ranks 3rd. No fudging here, four selections for THIS red jersey came in. Can it continue its Cinderella run in the tournament?

2nd: Minnesota Wild (2000-2007) - 4 selectionsHard to argue with the placement of this jersey. It's a shame that the Wild ever got rid of it. Their new green alternate is very nice, but in the eyes of most it can't match up to this young yet classic sweater.

1st: Columbus Blue Jackets (2003-present) - 5 selectionsAmazing that the two youngest teams in the league occupy the top two seeds in this tournament. We will really see if they can hold up to the challenge of older, more established jerseys.

So, the first round matches pan out as follows;
1) Columbus vs 8) Calgary

2) Minnesota vs 7) Phoenix

3) Washington vs 6) Montreal

4) NY Rangers vs 5) Los Angeles

I'll post polls on the side of the page. The first round voting will run until Friday (unless this weekend is busy for me) then they'll run until next Monday. And if voting numbers are low and I'm put back into place then this tournament will go away and we will never talk about it again! I'm hoping for the first option.
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Glen Cuthbert said...

In random news... I HATE the abbreviation "CLM" for Columbus. They always have been, and in my mind always will be "CBJ"

Ryan said...

I disagree. We don't do TML for Toronto or MC for Montreal. I know they do NYI and NYR but that's bc they both can't be NY

Glen said...

it doesn't matter... Columbus is going to win anyway.

I'm hoping CBJ vs. NYR final


Goal Line Design said...

very cool. awesome idea and really well put together!

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