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Heritage Classic 2011

As far as press conferences go the 2011 Heritage Classic conference was about as boring and as bland as you can get. However, they did release a great look at the logo and the sweaters that will be worn on the cold February day.
Heritage Classic logo
Calgary reached into the hockey history books and pulled out an old Calgary Tigers sweater as their inspiration for their classic sweater.
Calgary Flames Heritage Classic jerseyYou can find great detail about the new Flames' sweater on their site.

Montreal ran out of options the last two seasons when they brought out their entire jersey history. So they altered their numbering font to resemble that in which they won the 1993 Cup. (and the '89 Cup, which they lost to the Flames)
Montreal Canadiens Heritage Classic jersey
I don't know how I feel about the Flames' sweaters. I think it's that top stripe near the shoulder that really throws me off. They're not bad, they're just not great. One thing I did notice was that again the Flames went with the old CCM cut jersey. It still has some Edge elements to it such as, the curved tail and the NHL crest neck insert.

Montreal was out of options from the get go. I had extremely low expectations for them, yet they still disappointed me. So what, the numbering reverts back to the 90's style? Most people who aren't jersey enthusiasts won't notice that. A few suggestions; a wheat coloured jersey, tie up collar, or the numbering style used during the 50's. Any of these items or a combination of them would have been better than what they presented. Perhaps something like this...
Montreal Canadiens Heritage Classic concept
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Goal Line Design said...

i like the updated jersey concept you made. The only thing i would change is the color. A lil to dark i think. Nice Work!

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