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Fragile Franchises Concepts

Today's concept post involved fragile franchises. As in, will they be in their current situation in 3 to 5 years? Probably not.

Glen kicks things off with this Nashville Predators jersey
Nashville Predators conceptEveryone hated the mustard yellow. Well, Glen has used a kinder shade of yellow from the mish-mash of colours in their crest. This could work if the Preds had a more simplified striping pattern. Bright, vibrant colours are trendy right now in the NHL, this could take advantage of that with a few tweaks.

Jack also made use of bright colours here.
New York Islanders conceptAgain, the previous orange Islanders jersey didn't go over very well (I liked them). Now with the current retro look that they have, maybe something a little brighter would suit them as a 3rd jersey. This still keeps the classic look with the striping, but is different enough to be a quality alternate.

It's about time the Panthers went back to red.
Florida Panthers conceptAfter Edmonton and Nashville, Florida have the worst jerseys in the league in my opinion. That usually means time to simplify and get back to your roots. There was nothing wrong with that original red jersey they had, but of course they had to change it with the Edge system. Well now everyone is fixing Reebok's mistakes and the Panthers should take a clue!
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Glen said...

Ryan: What was I saying about that spyware you have on my computer? I have an almost IDENTICAL Panthers jersey that I just finished. It will be featured in my rebrand.

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