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August 24, 2010

Favourite Jerseys of All Time!

There's a great thread going on over at CCSLC about one's favourite hockey jerseys. Here is what I posted.Click on image to enlarge

Then I thought it would be great to post the same here!

So go over to and create a collage of your favourite jerseys. Send them in to and I will post them in an ongoing series.


Glen said...

Just finished BOS for the rebrand. First 3 should be to you soon. Great idea with the FJoaT! I'll try to make mine soon.

Goal Line Design said...

Only bout 7 edge jerseys aye? Ill try and finish on asap!

Glen Cuthbert said...

@Goal Line: I only had 4 Edge jerseys (out of 20) You'll see when mine is posted.