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August 27, 2010

Favourite Jersey of All Time

The Favourite Jerseys of All Time series continues today.

Stephan sent in his favourite jerseys.
Most of these are definately different from what I like to see on a jersey. But that's what makes this series so good. We get to see a different side. Stephan seems to prefer less traditional jerseys although Montreal and Chicago heritage threads do make appearances on his collage. Interesting choices include Dallas' "Mooterus", the "Buffa-slug" and Edmonton's current pajama jerseys. This one is sure to spark some debate. I have noticed that on the first three collages, Columbus has made an appearance.

Keep sending in your collages!

1 comment:

Glen Cuthbert said...

Notice also that there has been a green MIN jersey on all three as well. The Columbus jersey used has been a different version of the same jersey, the jersey that their Edge set was based on.