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I remember when I first came across Icethetics (NHLtol at the time). I was really excited to find such a thing and definitely wanted to get involved in creating jersey concepts. I had no idea where to find any of the resources I would need and unfortunately everyone was too far evolved to teach a newbie. Well now that I've been doing my concepts for a couple of years, I wanted to use a post and provide a lot of the resources I use/used in my concepts.

Before I do that let me share my FIRST EVER concept with you.
Anaheim Ducks conceptBooooo! I don't think that has the ability to suck anymore than it does!

Now, I am artistically challenged so I got all of my jerseys from this website: Athletic Knit
I would just copy logos and numbers on to those templates.

Some of you might be asking, "Where did you get your logos from?" Most probably already know about Sportslogos.net and if you didn't now you do. That may be the most valuable resource we have. Also, there is the Sportslogos.net Forums, which is a good place to recieve honest and sometimes harsh comments on your work. You can also see some really great work by some very talented people. If you follow some of the advice you can only get better.

What about those NHL Numbers? Well they used to be available on a Geocities site, but it is no more. So, I posted them in my Photobucket album here. Go and download them all! They all fit perfectly on to most of the templates on the web (and the ones I provide below). Here is another site with generic numbers that you can download.

Maybe you have a template where those numbers don't fit. Well then here is a site where you can download all the 4 major sports fonts for all the teams!!!! If you don't know how to install fonts on your computer, just Google it. It's not very difficult. Or just contact your local computer geek and they will be happy to assist you.

ColorWerx is a great site to get official team colours for all of your jerseys. I have linked to the NHL team colours, but that site has all sports!

Maybe you want to create a retro uniform? Or just need some jersey history? Well most of you already know about NHLuniforms.com, but here's a link in case you didn't. Fantastic site for jersey history for every NHL team...ever!

Too start a jersey concept, you need a jersey template. Here are a few of the more popular ones on the web. (Be sure to save them in .png to preserve to quality)
Roger Clemente Hockey Jersey Template
Hockey Jersey Template
NHL Style Guide Template
Old CCM cut Template
There are a tonne more out there. A lot of them can be found at the Sportslogos.net Forum (commonly known as CCSLC) Also there, you will find templates for all of the NHL! When there, scroll down the whole page to find a bunch more goodies!

What program you use to create your jerseys is up to you. I do not recommend Paint on Windows because it's impossible to get the quality of the good concepts that you see across the net. However, if you feel most comfortable with Paint then use it.

I use a program called Paint.net. I don't find it complicated, but I have been using it for at least a year and a half now. Click on the link above, download the program and give it a try. It's open source so users are always adding their own plug-ins.

A couple more links that I am sure everyone who visits this site knows about. Icethetics & PuckDrawn.

A final reminder, try to save your work in .png format. Other than vector (which I don't work with) I find that it (.png) is the best quality.

To conclude, I would like to make HJC a good place for people to submit their new concepts. Free of cruel comments, but a place to get honest advice. As we've seen above, your first concept will probably suck, but just keep making them and you will get better.

Submit your new concepts to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com and I'll post them for feedback!
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