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Concepts to Feast Your Eyes On

Today we'll start with Jack from GLD. He sent in this great Minnesota Wild concept.
Minnesota Wild conceptI really do like that home jersey. Yet it would be pretty tough to top their current home sweaters. At least these Wild jerseys match. Time to take a hint Minnesota.

Tex submitted this Washington Capitals sweater.
Washington Capitals conceptThis one is a little too plain for me. Maybe if the stripes were more consistent? I think it would be neat to see the Caps use the vintage logo whenever they feel like introducing an alternate jersey.

The Caps Winter Classic opponent is the team generating the most jersey buzz. And so does this sweater from Stephan. (Sorry, bad joke)
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptStephan has brought back the Pittsburgh Hornets and placed their logo on the old Pirates jersey. I really like this idea. More on the Pittsburgh Hornets.

And while I have the chance, here is another Penguins Winter Classic vintage mash-up.
Pittsburgh Penguins concept

Sorry about the lack of new material recently, I've been working on PuckDrawn's current design contest. That's all for now.
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Goal Line Design said...

Love tht last yellow pens jersey!

Glen Cuthbert said...

The last Pens jersey is great... the other ones i can take or leave.

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