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Western Conference Concepts

There's nothing to tie this post together except for the fact that all the concepts today are for Western Conference teams.

I'll start with what should be the Calgary Flames alternate sweater this season.
Calgary Flames 3rd jersey
They just have taken the old vintage jersey from last year and switched it to the RBK Edge cut. The one thing that may be different than what is posted here is the collar. The collar may be a red collar with a thin white line surrounded by two yellow lines printed on it.

Sticking with Alberta, how good was the old Oilers 3rd jersey? The blue and the silver one. Well I've taken that logo and tried to somewhat apply it to the striping on their current retro homes.
Edmonton Oilers concept
I personally really like this jersey and think it would be a great way to reintroduce a great logo. Anything would be better than their white and blue sweaters they took on for the 2007-08 season!

Finally, Brian sent in two Columbus Blue Jackets concepts.
Columbus Blue Jackets concept
The first jersey is more of a royal blue than they wear now and features a more traditional block lettering. It also features a canon in the logo, which is rumoured to be part of their upcoming 3rd jersey.
Columbus Blue Jackets concept
The second concept Brian sent in also feature the canon logo, but it their more traditional darker blue. It also smartly features the Ohio state flag in the sleeve stripes. Personally, I prefer the second concept. What about you? C&C welcome!
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Dylan said...

I REALLY like the Oilers 3rd concept. The old 3rd was amazing. I have to say though it does look like the Predators 3rd.

Glen said...

Dylan beat me to the punch. I look at the Oilers 3rd concept and it screams PREDATORS 3RD!!!!

Ryan said...

I realize that now. As I was creating it I didn't see it as I was lost in the concept.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about either CBJ concept. Glad to see someone at least put some ideas on paper for us to look at.

First version seems more "classic" while the second's stars are a little too "expansion-team-like".

Just this CBJ blogger's .02

Trevor said...

I really like the two CBJ concepts. I also like the 2nd design much better. The stars on the jersey remind me of the old 3rd jersey and you can't go wrong with the darker blue. I've heard from a few reliable sources that there will be a cannon logo on the new sweater.

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