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Pens-Caps and Classic Logo

I love speculation on Winter Classic jerseys. Yet for the upcoming edition, the two teams involved might have to pull a giant rabbit out of a hat to surprise people.

Washington doesn`t have much jersey history. They can use the red, white and blue of the 70`s and 80`s. Or the blue and copper of the 90`s. Hmm, which one would you chooseÉ

(NOTE: as you can see, my keyboard is being stupid. I just tried to type a question mark in the above sentence!)

Pittsburgh has more of a jersey history, but they already have worn and do wear blue throwbacks. Unless they want to go blue again that pretty much leaves the 80`s jerseys or RoboPenguin.

According to the boards at Sportslogos.net, Pittsburgh radio DJ and former pro wrestling announcer, Mark Madden reported that the Pens will wear their old Sunday gold alternates for the Classic.

That leaves a white jersey as the only option for Washington. League rules state that one team must be in white uniforms while the other wears colours.

Based on all that information, here is my latest guess at what the Winter Classic jerseys will be. I`ve also included a logo mock up which I did by tracing the foggy image from NHL.com that was posted about a month ago.
2011 Winter Classic concept jerseys
Pens-Caps and Classic Logo Reviewed by Ryan on July 15, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen Cuthbert said...

The bridge is a bit tall in yours compared to the original, but EXCELLENT JOB on the Winter classic logo.

Skizzy McB said...

To fix your keyboard just hold Ctrl and press shift until you get your question marks back...

Ryan said...

Thank you, now I know how to fix it finally!

Dylan said...

Glen beat me to the punch this time. Awesome job on the WC logo. I wonder what the caps will wear I can only think it will be very similar to your concept or possibly even identical. I do know however that the Caps will unveil their Winter Classic jerseys at the annual Capitals Convention on October 2nd, which I will be attending, I'm sure you will see the jersey before I would be able to post it but as I said before, I don't see it being any different than your concept.

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