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My New Maple Leafs jersey

Well after waiting for Real Sports (official Leafs' store @ ACC) exclusivity on the selling of the new jerseys to expire, I finally have my new Leafs jersey!
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
I bought the replica namely because I have other bills to pay and am not willing to pay nearly $300 for a jersey. Of course with the shitty screen print shoulder patches that Reebok puts on their replicas I was seriously considering buying an authentic.
Shitty Reebok shoulder patches

Hopefully someone will make stitched patches to go over top.
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
Originally I was going to buy the home blue but when I saw the road sweater in person I couldn't help but be reminded of the '93 playoff run by the Leafs. Home whites, at the time, were worn at the Gardens and I was reminded of Potvin, Gilmour and even Bill Berg!
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey

On a side note, I was informed that the authentic jerseys won't be available until the beginning of October.

For anyone who is looking for it, here is a .png of the new shoulder patch.
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs shoulder patch
My New Maple Leafs jersey Reviewed by Ryan on July 19, 2010 Rating: 5


Dylan said...

How about Aki Berg?

Ryan said...

Bill Berg could skate circles around Aki! Aki was a disgrace to the Maple Leafs. Him and Marchment,(2004) Worst D-pair EVER!

Glen said...

FINALLY!! Someone other than me has noticed that it is, in fact, a NEW shoulder patch! Everyone else just says that it's the "90s veined leaf", when it's actually NOT!!!

Dylan said...

Haha yes I know, I thought it would be funny to mention

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