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Kansas City Express jerseys

A little late, but here are the jerseys I promised for my Kansas City Express concept.

Kansas City Express home jersey
I tried to add a little something extra to traditional arm stripes. So at the stitching I swooped it up to a sharp point. That also occurs on the hem stripes.

Kansas City Express road jersey
The road jersey is obviously a white version of the home uni. I like when teams home and road sweaters have the same design.

Kansas City Express alternate jersey
This is actually based off of the Kansas City Scouts jersey that I did for my abandoned DHL project. I really liked that jersey and the KC logo that is on it.

That is all for now. C&C always welcome!
Kansas City Express jerseys Reviewed by Ryan on July 05, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen said...

So the "Dead Hockey League" is in fact... dead?

Overall, tight jerseys. Idk how readable that number font would be from the broadcast booth. (see Example 1a: Fishsticks jerseys)

Dylan said...

I like the home and away jerseys a lot except for the font of the numbers not too excoted about the main logo on the third.

Ryan said...

i was wondering about the font myself. Yet, I didn't want to create a typical boring jersey with typical boring font.

Dylan said...

Yeah I could see what you were going for sort of a ranch style if that makes sense...

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