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I feel like I have gotten away from the jersey concept posts recently. Well, that's not the case today. Today I have 4 posts for you.

Sens suck. There it has been said. This concept almost sucks. I wanted to keep it simple like the stripes on their pants and the two stripes behind their "O" logo.
Ottawa Senators concept
I can't figure out what this is missing. I didn't want to add gold to the sweater except from the gold on the logo. So, I abandoned this concept.

The second concept comes from Glen who took the Florida Panthers and sold them to Warner Bros.
Florida Panthers concept
The pink on the sweater might work if they were the Miami Panthers and this was 1985! Still I like this. Maybe Warner can start selling Pink Panther hockey sweaters?

It seems like news and leaks are few this summer. Every team seems to be doing a good job of keeping their upcoming jerseys secret. All we can do is speculate and as such, I speculated on the Ducks' 3rd jersey.
Anaheim Ducks concept
Will the jersey be orange? Boring black? New colour? No one knows yet. We still don't even know what logo will be used. I took the logo from their helmets, turned the webbed D 90 degrees and now it reads Anaheim.

To wrap it up I made a Boston Bruins concept.
Boston Bruins concept
I really like this one. I based it off of their 90's yellow alternate. The colours are the 2010 Winter Classic sweater colours. The bear is from their current shoulder patch. Their Winter Classic logo also appears as a shoulder patch here.

As always, C&C is encouraged. And if you have any concepts, send them in. I usually post everything that I'm sent.

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Glen said...

Man, you really have got to get your spyware off my computer. I just spent the day working on... the cool arrowhead thingies on a Sens jersey, and in the past I have experimented with the EXACT SAME Bruins jersey, only with black instead of brown. (btw, nice MIN numbers on the Bruins 3rd-didn't think you'd get caught, did you?)

Dylan said...

Man I would buy that Ducks jersey in a hurry! I like how you improvised and turned the Ducks 'D' to an 'A'.

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