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2011 Winter Classic

Finally! We get to see the logo for the Winter Classic. I also love the accompanying logos!
PIT v WSH - 2011 WCYou can find the designer of the logo here.

No surprises as far as Washington's logo goes. I think everyone would have been shocked if they went with the blue and copper eagle. That of course, leads to jersey speculation. The mass consensus is this;
Washington Capitals Winter Classic jersey conceptThe Penguins are the wildcard. Many thought because their current thirds are blue that they would use a gold jersey (myself included). However the logo that they displayed at the presser would tell us otherwise. That logo was only used for their inaugural season. Based on that, the assumption would be this jersey.

However, what if the Bruins gave us a look at the logo they ended up using at their presser? We might have all assumed they would've worn these jerseys. My personal and unprofessional opinion is that we might see a vintage mash-up, such as the Bruins pulled off. And what kind of jersey concept site would this be without providing a jersey concept?
Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic jersey concept
I'm also not discounting that Washington may wear their reds. Most are assuming they will wear white, but other than the league rule that the road team wears white, we don't have any evidence to believe so.

Got any Winter Classic concepts? Send them in to:

In fact, send anything in.
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Anonymous said...

Hey do you think that you could maybe do a few more jets jerseys? Because I play on a team called the jets and were looking for new jerseys. Do you think you could make some with the jets written Logo? and the red and white pair looked great maybe build off that.

Shaun said...

How does Bridgestone get into the main Winter Classic logo? They must have paid top dollar for that and I guess we can expect to see it everywhere while watching the game.

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