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100th Post - Vancouver 40th Sweaters

This is the 100th post here on HockeyJerseyConcepts.com. I was planning on doing something relatively big, but then this jersey release came up and what's bigger than a new jersey?

The Canucks unveiled their 40th anniversary retro sweaters on Wednesday night.
Vancouver Canucks 40th anniversary sweater
I'm sure you've all seen it by now and/or have read everything about it. I can't tell anyone anything that they didn't already know. I can, however, provide a commentary on it.
Vancouver Canucks 40th anniversary sweater
These look really good! I was surprised to see that they are the Reebok Edge cut. I was guessing that they would go the route of the Flames last year and use the old CCM cut for the anniversary jersey. I also noted that the jerseys didn't have names on the back. Yet according to rule #9, section #2:
...each player and goalkeeper shall wear his surname in full, in block letters three inches (3'') high, across the back of his sweater at shoulder height.
If the Canucks were allowed to not wear name bars this would set a huge precedence for future retro jerseys!

On the Summer Summit recap page it notes that the jerseys will be worn "several times" this season. That's very open ended and we might see them more than the 5 times , than what Icethetics previously reported.

Also, did anyone notice the new pant shells that go along with the jerseys? They look really good and will work well with the retro concept.
Henrik Sedin
Finally, of note was the poll that canucks.com has at the side of the homepage. It refers to the new anniversary jersey as the 3rd jersey. Does this mean that it will replace the current 3rd jersey for this season, or is it just a jersey nerd be too particular?
Canucks.com poll
Overall grader: A-
However if they just recycle this jersey and make it the new alternate based on how popular it will be, the grade will drop significantly. I hate when teams do that!

New jerseys always spark great debate, so please feel free to leave your comments!
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