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July 29, 2010

Concepts...In no particular order

I'll start with a Winter Classic I'm just kidding. I think I've done enough of those for now.

Actually, the first concept I have comes from Brian. He has created a Minnesota Wild jersey if they were to play in the 1980's.
Minnesota Wild concept
You gotta love the colours and the simplified logo! I wonder how this would sell now as a retro jersey? I think it would be a pretty cool collectors sweater just like the Scouts or Oakland Seals.

We haven't heard anything about the Preds full-time switch to their checkerboard uniform. In fact we haven't heard much about anything regarding new jerseys! Well to tide us over, I made a white Nashville Predators checkerboard jersey.
Nashville Predators concept
It's probably nothing you haven't seen before, but I just felt like doing something Nashville. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate the checkerboard into the white jersey. Will it act as the stripes or will it be surrounded by other stripes? Any thoughts?

...and just because they gave Weber the 09-10 home sweater when they gave him the C, doesn't mean that they are not switching (IMO).

Along the lines of jersey news, I wonder if the Devils will once again throw on the red and green sweaters for St. Patty's day? We know they will never have an alternate, but it would be nice to see a throwback once a year.

Talking about the Devils, I have had this concept laying around for a while.
New Jersey Devils concept
It's nothing extraordinary and that's why I haven't posted it until now. The striping is based off of their old red and green home whites.

Another Devils concept came in from Jack.
New Jersey Devils concept
He's taken the current pattern and switched it to black. The key is what he's done with the logo. You can find a tonne more of Jack concepts on his blog, Goal Line Design. He updates it frequently so go check it out.

Comments are always encouraged as are concepts or if you just fell like telling me that I suck.

July 28, 2010

2011 Winter Classic

Finally! We get to see the logo for the Winter Classic. I also love the accompanying logos!
PIT v WSH - 2011 WCYou can find the designer of the logo here.

No surprises as far as Washington's logo goes. I think everyone would have been shocked if they went with the blue and copper eagle. That of course, leads to jersey speculation. The mass consensus is this;
Washington Capitals Winter Classic jersey conceptThe Penguins are the wildcard. Many thought because their current thirds are blue that they would use a gold jersey (myself included). However the logo that they displayed at the presser would tell us otherwise. That logo was only used for their inaugural season. Based on that, the assumption would be this jersey.

However, what if the Bruins gave us a look at the logo they ended up using at their presser? We might have all assumed they would've worn these jerseys. My personal and unprofessional opinion is that we might see a vintage mash-up, such as the Bruins pulled off. And what kind of jersey concept site would this be without providing a jersey concept?
Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic jersey concept
I'm also not discounting that Washington may wear their reds. Most are assuming they will wear white, but other than the league rule that the road team wears white, we don't have any evidence to believe so.

Got any Winter Classic concepts? Send them in to:

In fact, send anything in.

July 21, 2010

Back to Concepts

I feel like I have gotten away from the jersey concept posts recently. Well, that's not the case today. Today I have 4 posts for you.

Sens suck. There it has been said. This concept almost sucks. I wanted to keep it simple like the stripes on their pants and the two stripes behind their "O" logo.
Ottawa Senators concept
I can't figure out what this is missing. I didn't want to add gold to the sweater except from the gold on the logo. So, I abandoned this concept.

The second concept comes from Glen who took the Florida Panthers and sold them to Warner Bros.
Florida Panthers concept
The pink on the sweater might work if they were the Miami Panthers and this was 1985! Still I like this. Maybe Warner can start selling Pink Panther hockey sweaters?

It seems like news and leaks are few this summer. Every team seems to be doing a good job of keeping their upcoming jerseys secret. All we can do is speculate and as such, I speculated on the Ducks' 3rd jersey.
Anaheim Ducks concept
Will the jersey be orange? Boring black? New colour? No one knows yet. We still don't even know what logo will be used. I took the logo from their helmets, turned the webbed D 90 degrees and now it reads Anaheim.

To wrap it up I made a Boston Bruins concept.
Boston Bruins concept
I really like this one. I based it off of their 90's yellow alternate. The colours are the 2010 Winter Classic sweater colours. The bear is from their current shoulder patch. Their Winter Classic logo also appears as a shoulder patch here.

As always, C&C is encouraged. And if you have any concepts, send them in. I usually post everything that I'm sent.

July 19, 2010

My New Maple Leafs jersey

Well after waiting for Real Sports (official Leafs' store @ ACC) exclusivity on the selling of the new jerseys to expire, I finally have my new Leafs jersey!
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
I bought the replica namely because I have other bills to pay and am not willing to pay nearly $300 for a jersey. Of course with the shitty screen print shoulder patches that Reebok puts on their replicas I was seriously considering buying an authentic.
Shitty Reebok shoulder patches

Hopefully someone will make stitched patches to go over top.
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
Originally I was going to buy the home blue but when I saw the road sweater in person I couldn't help but be reminded of the '93 playoff run by the Leafs. Home whites, at the time, were worn at the Gardens and I was reminded of Potvin, Gilmour and even Bill Berg!
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs jersey

On a side note, I was informed that the authentic jerseys won't be available until the beginning of October.

For anyone who is looking for it, here is a .png of the new shoulder patch.
2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs shoulder patch

July 15, 2010

Pens-Caps and Classic Logo

I love speculation on Winter Classic jerseys. Yet for the upcoming edition, the two teams involved might have to pull a giant rabbit out of a hat to surprise people.

Washington doesn`t have much jersey history. They can use the red, white and blue of the 70`s and 80`s. Or the blue and copper of the 90`s. Hmm, which one would you chooseƉ

(NOTE: as you can see, my keyboard is being stupid. I just tried to type a question mark in the above sentence!)

Pittsburgh has more of a jersey history, but they already have worn and do wear blue throwbacks. Unless they want to go blue again that pretty much leaves the 80`s jerseys or RoboPenguin.

According to the boards at, Pittsburgh radio DJ and former pro wrestling announcer, Mark Madden reported that the Pens will wear their old Sunday gold alternates for the Classic.

That leaves a white jersey as the only option for Washington. League rules state that one team must be in white uniforms while the other wears colours.

Based on all that information, here is my latest guess at what the Winter Classic jerseys will be. I`ve also included a logo mock up which I did by tracing the foggy image from that was posted about a month ago.
2011 Winter Classic concept jerseys

July 12, 2010

Western Conference Concepts

There's nothing to tie this post together except for the fact that all the concepts today are for Western Conference teams.

I'll start with what should be the Calgary Flames alternate sweater this season.
Calgary Flames 3rd jersey
They just have taken the old vintage jersey from last year and switched it to the RBK Edge cut. The one thing that may be different than what is posted here is the collar. The collar may be a red collar with a thin white line surrounded by two yellow lines printed on it.

Sticking with Alberta, how good was the old Oilers 3rd jersey? The blue and the silver one. Well I've taken that logo and tried to somewhat apply it to the striping on their current retro homes.
Edmonton Oilers concept
I personally really like this jersey and think it would be a great way to reintroduce a great logo. Anything would be better than their white and blue sweaters they took on for the 2007-08 season!

Finally, Brian sent in two Columbus Blue Jackets concepts.
Columbus Blue Jackets concept
The first jersey is more of a royal blue than they wear now and features a more traditional block lettering. It also features a canon in the logo, which is rumoured to be part of their upcoming 3rd jersey.
Columbus Blue Jackets concept
The second concept Brian sent in also feature the canon logo, but it their more traditional darker blue. It also smartly features the Ohio state flag in the sleeve stripes. Personally, I prefer the second concept. What about you? C&C welcome!

July 9, 2010

100th Post - Vancouver 40th Sweaters

This is the 100th post here on I was planning on doing something relatively big, but then this jersey release came up and what's bigger than a new jersey?

The Canucks unveiled their 40th anniversary retro sweaters on Wednesday night.
Vancouver Canucks 40th anniversary sweater
I'm sure you've all seen it by now and/or have read everything about it. I can't tell anyone anything that they didn't already know. I can, however, provide a commentary on it.
Vancouver Canucks 40th anniversary sweater
These look really good! I was surprised to see that they are the Reebok Edge cut. I was guessing that they would go the route of the Flames last year and use the old CCM cut for the anniversary jersey. I also noted that the jerseys didn't have names on the back. Yet according to rule #9, section #2:
...each player and goalkeeper shall wear his surname in full, in block letters three inches (3'') high, across the back of his sweater at shoulder height.
If the Canucks were allowed to not wear name bars this would set a huge precedence for future retro jerseys!

On the Summer Summit recap page it notes that the jerseys will be worn "several times" this season. That's very open ended and we might see them more than the 5 times , than what Icethetics previously reported.

Also, did anyone notice the new pant shells that go along with the jerseys? They look really good and will work well with the retro concept.
Henrik Sedin
Finally, of note was the poll that has at the side of the homepage. It refers to the new anniversary jersey as the 3rd jersey. Does this mean that it will replace the current 3rd jersey for this season, or is it just a jersey nerd be too particular? poll
Overall grader: A-
However if they just recycle this jersey and make it the new alternate based on how popular it will be, the grade will drop significantly. I hate when teams do that!

New jerseys always spark great debate, so please feel free to leave your comments!

July 5, 2010

Kansas City Express jerseys

A little late, but here are the jerseys I promised for my Kansas City Express concept.

Kansas City Express home jersey
I tried to add a little something extra to traditional arm stripes. So at the stitching I swooped it up to a sharp point. That also occurs on the hem stripes.

Kansas City Express road jersey
The road jersey is obviously a white version of the home uni. I like when teams home and road sweaters have the same design.

Kansas City Express alternate jersey
This is actually based off of the Kansas City Scouts jersey that I did for my abandoned DHL project. I really liked that jersey and the KC logo that is on it.

That is all for now. C&C always welcome!

July 2, 2010

Long Island Fishsticks

With the uniforms in the NHL becoming very retro oriented, I was thinking of some old jerseys to make "new" again. Which led to thoughts of old bad jerseys. Which brought back memories of the Might Ducks Wild Wing sweater and Dallas's proposed gold jersey.
How, I thought, could I take a really bad jersey and make it average (at best). So I focused in on the Islanders' fishstick captain. Here's what I came up with
New York Islanders concept
Some may have already seen this over at concept forum. Comments and critiques are definitely welcome on this one.