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Vancouver Canucks and more! (not really, just Canucks)

Rumours are that when the Canucks open their season on October 9th against the Kings both teams will be wearing throwback uni's. Might it look like this?
Vancouver Canucks throwback uniform
Same rumours also say that these teams will continue to wear these sweaters periodically throughout the season! Of course when I say "rumours", I mean Icethetics Jersey Watch.

On the topic of the Canuckleheads, Brian sent in these concepts
Brian Brideau Vancouver Canucks concept
I like this concept. It would be a better 3rd than their current alternate, which looks too much like the home sweater. Nothing wrong with the jersey just from afar you can't tell which is which.
Brian Brideau Vancouver Canucks concept
This would be a good entry when the Canucks play in a Heritage Classic. It's extremely similar in style to the Vancouver Canucks of the old WHL. Perhaps Vancouver might come over to Toronto in 2012 for the next Classic?
Brian Brideau Vancouver Canucks concept
This one is my favourite. It makes the 80's jerseys look good. I think this would be a great 3rd. Or even a fourth jersey? NHL rules state that each team can have a maximum of 4 jerseys in rotation. Except if you're the stupid Habs and you're trying to jam your 100th anniversary down everyone's throat!
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slam said...

I'm guessing that the yellow jersey at the draft was a trial balloon. The crowd responded well so I think that the Kings will be wearing the last (and best) version of their yellow jerseys for that game.

The 'Nucks might still wear white for that game though. If they wear blue, they would just be wearing their 3rds. Unless they go on a limb and make a green one with Johnny on the front. My guess it will be a white version of the thirds and that next year they will retire the text/orca and wear the 3rd and "4"th full time.

slam said...

One more comment...

I like the Johnny Canuck logo but he needs the old style tube blades on his skates instead of Tuuk style holders.

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