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Story of Kansas City franchise

When Kansas City received their original franchise they were named the Scouts. They named the franchise after a statue that overlooks the city. Such as the previous Kansas City franchise, this one too is named after a statue.
Kansas City Express wordmark

A statue that stands in Pioneer Square in Kansas City features the likeness of Alexander Majors. Majors was the founder of the Pony Express, a mail delivery system that served from Missouri to California. Thusly, the team was named the Kansas City Express
Kansas City Express logo*Note* The horse is not mine. I did not draw it. I found it on Google a while ago and have changed the colours and used it here.

The Express play out of the Sprint Center which seats just under 19,000 for hockey. They wear the colours of green and orange to be different and unique from any other NHL team at the moment.

Just like the previous Kansas City franchise, the Express will use a "fused" KC logo.
Kansas City secondary logo

Uniforms to come later.
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geoff said...

Came across your website looking for a Scouts jersey to buy. Loved the Alternate Scouts jersey. I live in Kansas City and after seeing your Express concepts this town needs to hire you to make that team a reality. We have a CHL team playing in Independence that goes by the Mavericks and has a cartoon horse for a logo and I think both teams playing in the area with horses for a theme would work well together.

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