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Not much today, but here it goes anyways.

I wanted to get the Dallas Stars back in green, but I was trying to do something that didn't look exactly like a North Stars jersey. I see this as a mix between Dallas' 1994 jersey and Columbus' 2003 3rd jersey.
This didn't work as well as I wanted. I wanted the dark green shoulders to look more black and you only noticed they were green if you looked a little harder. Just like the Bruins Winter Classic stripes were brown, but on first impression many thought they were black. Any comments or criticism on this jersey are welcome.

I love classic jersey concepts and I couldn't resist the urge to do full body concepts of my 2011 Winter Classic jersey choices.
The Penguins are wearing old Pittsburgh Pirates jerseys.

I wanted to put the Caps in white pants, just like they had when they came into the league, but I knew most people wouldn't like that.

Please send along your comments about the green Dallas Stars concept. Or if you have or want to make a green Stars concept, please send them in and they'll be posted here.
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1 comment:

Glen said...

Put the Caps in white pants please!! Not digging the Pirates jerseys. I'd rather see them in something that they could have actually worn against the Caps back in the day.

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