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Philadelphia Flyers jersey switch evidence?

NHL 11 (video game) posted a quick video a couple of days ago. See it here. Nothing much to the video, but I did happen to notice that Claude Giroux was wearing the Winter Classic Flyers sweater.
NHL 11 video screen cap
This may be nothing, but usually when the NHL video games release a video they don't "spoil" the special jerseys that are in the game. Usually the default jerseys are shown. Also, a default in the game is that when you first play it the head-to-head teams are the past participants of the Stanley Cup Final. So assuming that everything shown is a default this may confirm that Philly will wear the Winter Classic jerseys as road uniforms next year. Or I could just be talking out of my ass and looking like an idiot. You decide.
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Anonymous said...

I noticed that too, and as a die hard Flyers fan, im confused.

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