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Old Teams, New Concepts

Today I finished up my Winnipeg Jets set. I showed the home red jersey previously. Now I have added a road white and a throwback blue.
Winnipeg Jets concept - Home
Winnipeg Jets concept - Road
Winnipeg Jets concept - Alt

Brian also sent in these great Edge concepts for the Hartford Whalers.
Hartford Whalers concept set
I'm sure if the Whalers were still around we would have seen something like this. I never was a fan of them using a blue jersey, but that alternate is great. Maybe a little too close to the Canucks though. Also, maybe the Whalers would have brought back Pucky the Whale as a shoulder patch. Here's hoping that the Hurricanes get into a Winter Classic and bring back Pucky!

This is just off the top of my head, but an interesting way to determine the Winter Classic participants would be as follows. Cities put their nomination in to be the host. When selected, by a process, they would then wait to see who their opponent would be. That would be determined by who wins the Stanley Cup the previous season. That's just a thought. I have no problem with how it is done currently.

P.S. There should be a trophy made for the winner of the Heritage Classic! I am now accepting concepts for such a trophy.
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