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For anyone that watched the NHL Awards last night, wasn't that a massive failure? It was so bad that I had to turn the channel at times. I thought last year's was bad, this was worse. I can understand the NHL wanting to make it a big deal, but taking the players out of their element and adding fringe celebrities that may or may not care about hockey ruins the thing for the true hockey fan.

I would prefer a 30-60 minute show where we see all of the awards presented, great highlights from the season and some recaps and analysis by the commentators/host. You can still have it in Vegas, but you can put the event outside so it shows off the town (or whatever). I liked the red carpet idea outside the event though. I think that was a keeper. That and this were the only good things about the show last night!
NHL Awards Reviewed by Ryan on June 24, 2010 Rating: 5


Dylan said...

AMEN TO THAT POST the host was flat out weird, the celebrities obviously didn't know anything about hockey,it was hardly about the players and the Ryan vs. Getzlaf sketch was the ONLY good part.

Glen said...

Getzlaf vs. Ryan was EPIC! The rest was AWFUL.

NHL: If you want to see how to put on an awards show, go back and watch 2002. THAT is how you do an awards show.

Dylan said...

Completely agree

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