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Maple Leafs Show Off New Sweater

I'm sure most hockey jersey fans have already come across the news and photo of the new Leafs' jersey. So, I will give more of a commentary than recap the day's events.

To start with, maybe Phaneuf could have been a little more robotic during his press conference. He was all over the place up there! And did you see the giant smile on his face? Maybe he could tone that down a little. Excuse me, I now have to go clean up all that dripping sarcasm.

Secondly, maybe mapleleafs.com could have given us more than one photo of the new sweater? We didn't get a good look at the numbering (yet it looks the same as what's on the alternate). We didn't get a good look at the player's name font on the back. Maybe a close up picture of the vintage shoulder patch?

My opinion is that they have exclusive rights to sell the jersey at their new store until Saturday. We probably won't get any quality pics until the weekend. Just to peak people's interest so they'll come down to the new store and check it out. I'm fine thank you, I'll wait the week.

Some notes on the jersey. I was surprised to see a white collar. I had sent in a concept to icethetics with the Leafs using a white collar. Someone in the comments noted that the Leafs would never go to a white collar. Oddly, my concept looks very similar to the new sweater. Minus the outline on the numbers and the lack of laces. Hearing that the jersey was going to be very close to that of the mid 90's, I was surprised to not see cuff at the end of the sleeves.

Overall, I give the jersey an A+. I find nothing wrong with it. I'm not saying that because I'm a massive Leafs fan, I really do believe that this is one of the best jerseys in the NHL now.
Maple Leafs Show Off New Sweater Reviewed by Ryan on June 14, 2010 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

kinda wish the sleves said TML again that was sweet but thats ok this is a nice jersey

pulkit said...

I really, really like the blue jerseys. The only thing i dont like about the white jerseys is that the laces are in white. Those white jerseys would look so great if the laces were in blue.

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