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Today, not only was the 2010-11 NHL schedule released, but logos for the Heritage and Winter Classics were unceremoniously unveiled. These foggy images appeared on NHL.com.
Winter Classic & Heritage Classic logos
I have no problems with the Winter Classic logo. It's not bad at all, but it doesn't compare to the '09 and '10 logos. I love the Heritage Classic logo. Perfectly Canadian! We'll see how good it looks in 3-4 years when we can compare it to other Heritage Classic logos. For what it's worth, here was my concept.
Heritage Classic logo concept

On the topic of the Classic, when will Toronto get to showcase the beating they can lay on the Senators? And when this massacre occurs maybe the two teams can wear something like this.
Ottawa Senators Heritage Classic jersey concept
Toronto Maple Leafs Heritage Classic jersey concept
The Sens jersey is based on the old Senators' 1930-31 sweater. I added collar laces for that vintage feel and used the current "O" logo.
The Leafs' jersey is based on the 1917 Toronto Blueshirts jersey. In the style of the Red Wings '09 throwback sweater, there are no numbers on the sleeve and the current logo appears as a shoulder patch.

Icethetics jersey watch has hints that this may be the 2010-11 alternate jersey for the New York Rangers.
New York Rangers 3rd jersey concept
Finally, PuckDrawn has posted my Grand Rapids Griffins design/entry and now I will share it here.
Grand Rapids Griffins concept
Comments and hate mail are welcome. More comments then hate mail though please.
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Glen said...

Are you FINALLY going back to the old template? Hopefully.

Griffins concept is WAY TOO BUSY!

Ryan said...

Negative to the old template, however I will be doing less full body templates. I like this template, it's the official NHL temp.

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