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Winnipeg Jets concepts

It seems again that this summer will be flooded with rumours that the Coyotes will be moved to Canada. This year's select Canadian city, Winnipeg. Personally, I don't think the people of Winnipeg will pay the price of an NHL ticket consistently, but my opinion doesn't matter. Oh...wait this is MY site, and MY opinion does matter here!

A summer of Winnipeg rumours also means a summer of Jets concepts. Let it begin!

Glen came up with these.
He keeps the Jets in a very nice, simple, classic design. I can't see how Jets fans wouldn't be happy with these designs. No shoulder patches on this one, but if the Jets were to return to Winnipeg I would have to think they would bring back the Goals for Kids program.

I also have a Jets concept. I put them in red and changed their primary logo to a wordmark. Most don't like a wordmark, but it works for me here. I have a more classic-vintage logo for a future Jets concept. Which I'm sure we'll be seeing much more during this summer.

More this weekend. That's right, a weekend post!
Winnipeg Jets concepts Reviewed by Ryan on May 28, 2010 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Really like your red jets, full body concept. If the Yotes do move to Winnipeg (which I don't see happening if they play like they did this year) that would be the ideal jersey in my mind. -sens fan

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty crisp... wat do u use to make those?

Pd said...

Great Jersey. Red is awesome for the market. Looks better in HD than dark blue and still keeps the red blue and white colors. Great for selling new stuff because everyone will want red. Oilers and canucks both have blue dark jerseys so why stay with blue as a primary color. Washington redouts in the crowd trump any other whiteout or blueout in the nhl. Those are the reasons red is the way to go. good design.... period.

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