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Stanley Cup Final Predictions

Where did the conference finals go? I was busy with work for a week and then I turn on the TV and no hockey until Saturday?!?!?! It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to see the Montreal Canadiens go home. I can only smile at the thought of all the misery in the plane last night during their trip home. Have fun cleaning out your lockers boys!

Anyways, as far as predictions go I guessed both Chicago and Philly. That brings my total score to 9 of 14 series correct, and I guessed the series length correctly 5 times of those 9 series.

2) Chicago vs 7) Philadelphia
Stanley Cup Final. At the beginning of the year The Hockey News predicted that the Flyers would win the Cup. But they change their pick like a baby changes its diaper. EA Sports NHL 10 did a playoff simulation and it said the Blackhawks would win Stanley's mug. For me, this series has a slight stench of sweep to it. However, these entire playoffs have been very unpredictable as far as series length goes.
PICK: Chicago in 5

I have reason to cheer for both teams in this series. If the Flyers win that preserves the longest time without a Cup for Chicago and saves the Leafs another embarrassing award. Yet, if the Hawks win then Ottawa will have finished last of all 16 playoff teams. Hmmm, worry about the ego of Leaf Nation or hope for Ottawa to suck even more?

Speaking of the Leafs and their Cup drought, here's a little history. Since 1967 The Flyers have been through the league as an expansion team and made the Cup Final 8 times (including this year). Of course, they won it twice (1974 & 75).
Chicago has made the Final 4 times, including this year. Their last appearance was against the Penguins who swept them in 1992. The Leafs... zero Cups, zero Final appearances! Go Leafs Go!

Moving on from that unpleasantness. The Winter Classic has turned out to be and bit of luck for one of the teams that participates. Each year a team from that game has made the Final. Pittsburgh 2008, Detroit 2009 and Philadelphia 2010. Of course, the two previous teams went on to lose the Cup Final, so maybe it's not so lucky.

On the topic of unlucky, will this be the third straight year that Marian Hossa loses in the Cup Final? Or will the third time be the charm?
2008 Pittsburgh
2009 Detroit
2010 Blackhawks

Whew, that was a long post, and no concepts! What a crock!
Stanley Cup Final Predictions Reviewed by Ryan on May 25, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen said...

You could have used my Flyers concept... :P

Anonymous said...

I am a huge sens fan...even have leafs toliet paper,this last post really went to heart, but I like your concepts so I wanted to say nice job on them

Glen said...

Obvious Sens fan, can't even spell TOILET right.

Ryan said...

As a Sens fan are you cheering for Chicago? You know the Sens are really the longest without a Cup, seeing as they hand banners from the 1920's.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am cheering for the Hawks, I don't really like the flyers that much historically as a team...they are really just a bunch of goons and family in Pittsburgh could persuade me otherwise

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