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Rangers, Wings and Seam...Read On.

When I made my playoff predictions back in Round 1 I should have stated then that my pick to win the Cup are the Pittsburgh Penguins. I guess that's easy to say now, but it's the truth. Believe me if you want.

Now, the concepts.

Mike sent in a new set of jerseys for the Rangers.

He used the very popular "Lady Liberty" logo for the home and away jerseys along with a shoulder patch. He also used the metallic Rangers shield for the 3rd jersey.

Mike also sent in a Red Wings concept.

I'm not sold on this one. I think when it comes to the Wings, less is more. The red arms are too much for me. I always love the use of a classic logo on a Red Wings jersey.

Also, this is my entry for PuckDrawn's NHL Expansion Competition.

While the logo is nothing fantastic I thought that this concept would be good for a laugh.

Any comments and criticisms are welcome.
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