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Old Jerseys New Again

I am slowly easing myself into the full body Reebok concept. My lack of any kind of artistic talent makes me scared to draw lines and other crazy things of that nature. So, to keep it simple I've done up a few concepts of old jerseys teams have had.

Edmonton Oilers
I would have preferred that Edmonton used this white version when they introduced their new 3rd jersey for the 08-09 season. I have one of these jerseys, with Gretzky on the back. Love the blue and orange colour combo. I wish they would go back to these colours full-time.

Pittsburgh Penguins
This is just the white version of their current 3rds. Maybe we'll see these jerseys if the Pens make a repeat appearance in the Winter Classic.

Toronto Maple Leafs
While this jersey doesn't stir up memories of past glory, it does look pretty good. The Leafs wore these sweaters during warmup one night last season and it has convinced em that it would be a good 3rd.
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