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NHL Vintage Jersey Program

Remember the 2003-04 season. The Lightning beat the Flames in an exciting 7 game Cup Final. There was uncertainty about the next season because of labour issues. The World Cup of Hockey was due to be played in September. And the NHL introduced the Vintage Jersey Program.
It included Boston, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Montreal, the Rangers, St. Louis, and Vancouver.

After the lockout, it disappeared. Why can't it come back. With the popularity of the vintage jerseys used in the Winter Classic, why can't other teams get in on the merchandising cash train?

I propose that the Vintage jersey program come back. I've done up vintage jerseys for 6 teams. These Vintage jerseys would be in the RBK Edge cut. Each team would have a home and road jersey.

Today I will post the Western Conference teams.

Chicago Blackhawks
Changes are two extra stripes on each arm. Along with a larger shoulder patch on the sleeves. Numbers contain no black or white trim and there are laces on the solid black collar.

Dallas Stars
I thought about giving these jerseys to the Wild, but this is Dallas Stars' lineage. This is a replica of the jerseys they wore between 1989-1991. The North Stars lost the Cup Final in these jerseys 4-2 to the Penguins.

Phoenix Coyotes
There is a lot of demand for hockey in Winnipeg these days. That's likely not happening for a few years at least. So, I gave Phoenix some throwback Jets jerseys to wear. These are John Ferguson's failed Rangers design that he brought to Winnipeg. The Jets sported these gems from
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1937 Canadiens jerseys!

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