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NHL Vintage Jersey Program 2

Last time I did the Western Conference, this time is the East's turn.

New Jersey Devils
The Devils looked great on St. Patrick's Day when they wore their old red sweaters (1982-92). Why not bring in the white one and wear each 3 times a year in "Vintage games". This will never happen as Cpt. Lou is against any kind of alternate jersey. It must have been a big enough struggle to get them to wear vintage reds last March.

Pittsburgh Penguins
With a possible new third next season for the new arena, we may see something like this anyways. The Pens wore these between 1977-80 when they switched to black and gold mid-season. The navy and sky blue combo always looks tremendous. And whenever you can slap an 87 and the name Crosby on to some merch, it will sell.

Toronto Maple Leafs
I had to include my Leafs in my fantasy Vintage Jersey Program. These classics are probably too similar to what they will wear next season. Anything differences may be unnoticeable to an average fan. The blue sweaters were worn from 1958-67. The white sweaters are from 1938-58, but I did take some creative liberties with them. The whites never had a lace-up neck and never featured the blue outline around the crest.
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