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This post actually has jersey concepts in it! Wow, what a crazy idea for a site called HockeyJerseyCONCEPTS.com

To start things off, Glen wants the Sharks to ditch the orange in their jerseys and go back to the original jerseys they wore when they entered the league for the 1991-92 season.
Glen has kept the current logos, including shoulder patches and has switched the font to a slimmer more modern font (a la Washington or Buffalo). I would love to see this as a 3rd jersey, it would be much better than the plain black they have now. Glen, however would like to see a permanent switch to the old jerseys.

For these next concepts I've expanded my artistic abilities (which is extremely minimal to begin with). I've started doing concepts on the NHL used Reebok player template. This template is based off of Sidney Crosby's modeling of the new RBK Edge uni's during the 2008 All Star Game in Dallas.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs 1967 classic
I started with an easy jersey, but also my favourite jersey of all-time. I still would love to see this worn in a game at some point. Here I have Dion Phaneuf modeling it with his new captain's C. Dion has decided to switch hands and shoot right-handed next season.

2. Halifax Seamen (tee-hee)
A couple of posts back I displayed my Halifax Seamen concept for PuckDrawn's NHL Expansion Competition. So, the 2nd jersey concept I did was for their road yellows.

3. Detroit Red Wings
I also posted this jersey before. This time I've gone all out and created a whole concept kit. I still think this would work as a classic Red Wings 3rd. I don't think we'll ever see the day when the Wings have a full time alternate though.

That's it for now. Any comments or critiques of my use of the new tamplate, and Glen's work, are welcome.
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